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Prophetic House of All Mission Ministry

The Prophetic House of All Mission Ministry invites you to our "Prophetic Encounter" with Prophet, Moses E. Richards. Sunday, July 2, at 7:00pm. 18 Harrell Drive. Inquires: 912-271-2893 or 912-509-2192

Michael Jackson tickets

MICHAEL JACKSON concert tickets from 1988, Hamburg, Germany. Call for info, 912-604-5996

Ebony & Jet Magazines from 1980's

EBONY & JET Magazines from early 80's. Call for info, 912-604-5996

VHS tapes for sale

VHS TAPES for sale. Old African American movies. Call for info, 912-604-5996

Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Zero Turn Timecutter Lawn mower $900. Call 912-257-0254